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Kuki Ndiho partners with community organizations, schools of all levels, religious and cultural institutions to gather, collect and ship much-needed clothing items to its orphans in Rwanda. Please write us if interested in learning more at Please include photos of yourself or your family to include with the individual clothing items so that we can thank you on our web site and so those to who receive the items will also know. snd

Annual Sneaker Drive

Seventh and eighth grader at the Christian Formation Student at St. Vincent Martyr Catholic Church in MADISON, NEW JERSEY are holding a sneaker drive for Rwandan Orphans through the holiday season. They will be collecting new or gently used sneakers in all sizes now. Please contact teacher Henry Page at EMAIL HERE


September 2014
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United Nations International Day of Peace!

By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

Today is the United Nations International Day of Peace!

It is estimated that over 500 million, possibly up to 1 billion, people will celebrate this day of peace!

Around the world at 12pm noon people will observe a minute of silence. Avon Mattison, one of the early supporters of the International Day of Peace, calls this moment of silence a peace wave that circles the world!

The Summer of Peace and all of its partners have been building towards this day! We are thrilled to be having two live calls today — 11 Days of Global Unity at 10am Pacific and the Be The Peace global meditation at 12pm Pacific! (Register free here)

I personally want to thank all of the amazing speakers in the telesummit, along with our friends, colleagues and partners around the world who have made the Summer of Peace an incredible experience. I want to give a special thanks to the Wisdom Council members who have advised the Summer of Peace and to all our hosts that co-created the telesummit: Rick Ulfik (11 Days of Global Unity); David NicolMyra Jackson and the Gaiafield Project (Spirituality and Peace series); Ben HartYuka Saionji and Barbara Arredondo (The Next Generation of Solutions); Eleanor Tara (Peace Through Music); Jay Ponti(Mainstreaming Consciousness); Deborah Moldow (100 Day Countdown to the International Day of Peace); and of course, our Director of Peace, Philip HellmichThe Summer of Peace, like all peacebuilding initiatives, is a collective effort — we each offer our individual gifts (our very hearts, minds and souls) and cooperatively work together for the greater good.

And now, together, we all can participate in making this International Day of Peace a truly global celebration, which includes you too!

In this edition, we loaded it with feature articles from thought leaders who highlight there is a growing wave of peacebuilding. Rev. Deborah Moldow and Monica Willard write about the International Day of Peace; the team at Peace One Day share their amazing global efforts; and, Ambassador John McDonald tells us about the creation of the International Day of Peace in 1981 (a story we published as part of the Summer of Peace). I also am sharing a heartfelt letter I wrote this week to President Obama, applying the first principle of medicine — to “do no harm” — to our actions in the Middle East.

Al Jubitz writes about how Rotary International can play a leading role in grassroots peacebuilding on a global scale. Patrick Hiller from the War Prevention Initiative tells us about the emerging Global Peace System; and,John Filson from the Alliance for Peacebuilding shares realities of making peacebuilding a global priority in 2015 and beyond. The National Peace Academy team offers a brilliant update about their incredible peacebuilding efforts.

Our profiles are from permaculture experts who have taken peacebuilding to their local communities — Rachel Kaplan and Mallika Nair. Several Shift Network team members are signed up for Rachel’s upcoming Permaculture Design Certification training — Permaculture from the Inside Out. It’s a great opportunity to join our team in deepening personal, home and community peace practices. (Mention “Shift Network” to receive an extension of the early bird special $200 discount – click here.)

Also, please take a look at the powerful 11 Days of Global Unity/Summer of Peace summit free recordings, including interviews with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Deepak Chopra, Amy Goodman and Foday Sajuma(Ebola special report). Also, our Featured Artist, Nahko Bear, is a talented multi-ethnic voice for peace!

Finally, I want to remind you to sign up for one of the exciting conferences we are co-sponsoring, especially the 10X Summit in Los Angeles where  Congressman Tim Ryan and Philip Hellmich, our Director of Peace, will be presenting (see Movement News).

So, from my heart to yours, have a blessed International Day of Peace! Let us all join the Be The Peace meditation today and renew our commitment to being the change we want to see in the world!


“Now, I can do exercise with my only one arm” Said: REVOCATE a Rwandan Genocide Orphan Survivor

One of the most heart wrenching story I heard from the Trauma Graduate Orphans was from a young lady whose right arm was chopped off by her Killer/Interahamwe during the genocide in Rwanda.

She told me that since 1994, she never receive the opportunity to do any exercise because in school all her professors use to tell her that she can’t do exercise with one arm, therefore she should just seat down and wait until when other students finish to do exercise. I can only imagine her pain during that time and feeling so isolated in society, and was discriminated by her own people for almost 20 years.

She sent me a very emotional thank you message and she said:”Dear Marie Claudine,
Thank you very much for choosing me to be one of the orphans who took the Trauma Training Course. I learned a lot. Most of all, I learned that I can do exercise despite the loss of one of my arm. Suzanne ( the Trainer) showed me care , she showed me how I can do exercise with only one army. I’m so happy now because I can do exercise on my own with one arm. I have started to teach other genocide orphans survivors especial these with disability how to care for themselves.I’m ready to help out the traumatized orphans who most of the time they bring to our local government to get help. . Yes , I will not be able to carry them because I have one arm but at least I will sit down with them, comfort them and share with them some skills and techniques I learned from Trauma Training. One more time, Thank you. ”

11 Rwandan Orphans who Graduated in Trauma Training & Stress Reduction in Kigali Rwanda ata Muhima Primary School

Written by

Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO

Author of  THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA : Be Yourself & Change Somebody’s Life Today!

A Peacemaker – Rwandan Genocide Orphan Survivor


1186 Fulton Street
Brooklyn,NY 11216
Tel: 347 465 4045


Rwandan Orphans Received A Visit

Media Contact: Marie Claudine Mukamabano
Phone: (347) 465-4045

Rwandan Orphans Received A Visit

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, Ms. Ola Kwiatkowska, Josiane, and Peace Eugenho Mg visited the Kimisagara Orphanage in Kigali, Rwanda. The visit was facilitated by Ms. Claudine Mukamabano. Founder & CEO of Why Do I Exist/ Kuki Ndiho Rwanda Orphans Support Project.
Ms. Mukamabano expressed her deep gratitude and appreciation for their visit. She said, “Many orphans and genocide survivors need someone who can just visit them, come close to them, and show them that they ate alone.”

She continued, “Thank you very much for doing this POWERFUL & VERY MEANINGFUL ACTION. Please continue to heal our wounded hearts. May God continue to bless your hearts and fulfill your desires as you remember and care for the Rwandan Orphans. Your Presence, Love, Care and gifts will remain in the mind and hearts of those orphans forever. Please accept my acknowledgment and appreciation. I thank you on their behalf.”

Ms. Kwiatkowska felt truly welcomed during her visit in Rwanda. She said, “I thank Marie Claudine for her beautiful and heartfelt initiative, and for introducing me to her friends and colleagues.”

Miss Josiane ,Kuki Ndiho Staff & Miss Ola with Rwandan Orphans

After losing her parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, loved ones, friends, classmates, and fellow countrymen during the Rwandan Genocide, Ms. Mukamabano’s Catholic faith inspired her to seek the answer to the question of KUKI NDIHO

(Why do I exist)​?​ This question now serves as the name of her organization​, Why Do I Exist/ Kuki Ndiho Rwanda Orphans Support Project ​, ​which she established in 2005 to raise awareness on the genocide in Rwanda, help survivors, and aid orphans of HIV.

For more​​​ information or to provide any donation to support this humanitarian effort​, please Call 347 465 4045 or visit
Make your Financial Contribution (checks ) payable to:

1186 Fulton Street, Brooklyn,NY 11216

Thank you!

Miss Josiane & Eugene ;Kuki Ndiho Kigali Team at Kimisagara Orphanage ,

Ms. MUKAMABANO is the Author of an Audio Book, ” THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Be Yourself! Change Somebody’s Life Today!”, an excellent resource for every person who seeks to maximize the use of social media to change the lives of others. In her book, Ms. Mukamabano describes the potential growth each person has to expand a company and bring it to a level beyond one’s imagination. She offers her life’s work as an example in a thrilling, entertaining, and exciting matter. In her audio book, no one will leave disappointed, but be empowered to effectively use social media.

​​​The 2014 ‘Impact Maker in Development on the African continent’
” Before I begin, I would like to thank Marie Claudine Mukamabano, for gracing us with such a moving song “ . Said ; UN Secretary – General Ban Ki- moon’s remarks at fifteenth commemoration of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in New York, 7 April 2009

The 2013 Africa Brave Award Winner, 2012 Humanitarian Achievements Award Winner , 2011 African Community Leader Award Winner & 2010 Ambassador for Peace Award Winner Marie Claudine Mukamabano, an orphan-survivor of Rwandan genocide, has received recognition from The Assembly of State of New York on May 2011 on the occasion of the Africa Day Celebration for turning a life of hardship into one of leadership and advocacy.

October 25, 2012 , Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO, initiated the Rwanda Flag Raising Ceremony in Newark City Hall in New Jesery as a Symbol of Healing, Peace,Resilience,Hope and Forgiveness , to Honor UN’s International Day for Peace by Supporting Rwandan Orphans. Event was so successful

She is the Founder , Chair-girl and CEO of Kuki Ndiho Rwanda Orphans Support Project , an organization that she established in 2005 to raise awareness on the genocide in Rwanda, help survivors, and aid orphans of HIV. In a personal capacity, she also serves as a mentor to many of the children, helping to build their confidence and give them inspiration.
After losing her parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, loved ones, friends, classmates, and fellow countrymen during the Rwandan Genocide, her Catholic faith inspired her to seek the answer to the question of KUKI NDIHO? (Why do I exist?-Pourquoi J’existe?). This question now serves as the name of her organization, which has an extensive fundraising program in New York, as well as a presence in Belgium and South Africa. The thousands of dollars raised thus far continue to support hundreds of orphans in Rwanda

She gave a speech on March 2011 at the African Union’s conference on behalf of Rwanda & African women author on the theme: “A Tribute to Flora Nwapa: Gender Equality and The Empowerment of Women”.
On the occasion of the 55th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations on February 2011, Marie Claudine was selected as the only representative of Africa women to speak on the panel “Sharing Knowledge – Joining Forces – Gaining Power: Mentoring as a Tool to Empower NGO Women”. She won an Ambassador for Peace Award on May 2010.
In 2007, as a Professional Mistress of Ceremonial and Special Event Organizer, she helped to establish “African Day Parade” and volunteered as Committee Member of the mission to promote a positive image and culture of Africa in The United States and others westerns countries.

Marie Claudine is also an influential speaker, actress, artist, and model. As artist, she dances at universities, churches and community groups as part of the Rwanda Dance Theater Company. As singer, she performs at the International Commemoration Day to mark the 15th Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide at the United Nations attended by the Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

She was awarded a Marathon Peace Medal from the International Women for Peace in Kigali Rwanda and honored for being the first artist from Rwanda selected among 600 applicants worldwide to participate in the Robert Wilson’s International Theater Projects in New York City on May 2005.

She speaks English, French, Swahili and her language Kinyarwanda. She graduated with a distinction in School of Business Studies in Rwanda 2000, and has recently completed courses in nonprofit management at Baruch College and The Foundation Center. She graduated recently from the International Trauma Studies, a program directed by Dr. Jack Saul, Professor at Columbia University.