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Kuki Ndiho partners with community organizations, schools of all levels, religious and cultural institutions to gather, collect and ship much-needed clothing items to its orphans in Rwanda. Please write us if interested in learning more at Please include photos of yourself or your family to include with the individual clothing items so that we can thank you on our web site and so those to who receive the items will also know. snd

Annual Sneaker Drive

Seventh and eighth grader at the Christian Formation Student at St. Vincent Martyr Catholic Church in MADISON, NEW JERSEY are holding a sneaker drive for Rwandan Orphans through the holiday season. They will be collecting new or gently used sneakers in all sizes now. Please contact teacher Henry Page at EMAIL HERE


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It was very amazingly wonderful to recieve The 2019 I AM AFRICAN & I CAN Award for being an ORPHANS ADVOCATE…
Thank you Powerful Sister AuthorHadiatou Wann, May God continue to Bless and Guide You with His Mercy, Grace and Abondance Healthy, Wealthy, Power and Money.. ALLELLUIA………. AMEN.
Surviving genocide in Rwanda as an Orphan Teanager Girl, WITHOUT Parents, Uncles, Aunties or Grand Parents,, surviving with heart and mind full of Trauma, Pain, and Sorrow and Yet never present excuses to my Creator, My Protector and my Provider but HONORING my God’s Promise to Help ORPHANS while myself working ownself Healing. Rebuilding myself to Overcome my own issues.. is miracles beyond miracles
I walk in Power, I walk in Miracles and I live a Life of Favor because I know who I am.
It was very amazingly wonderful to recieve The 2019 I AM AFRICAN & I CAN Award for being an ORPHANS ADVOCATE…
Thank you Powerful Sister AuthorHadiatou Wann, May God continue to Bless and Guide You with His Mercy, Grace and Abondance Healthy, Wealthy, Power and Money.. ALLELLUIA………. AMEN.


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Reflection. Friday  Reflection, August 2,2019


Today is Friday, when we reflect on what we did in this past week; if we achieved what we wanted to do, if not, learn from our own personal experience. We learn from our own habits, our own actions, our own reactions and also we learn from people around us. We reflect. Reflection is a wonderful time to pause for a few minutes to see if we achieved the high level of excellence that we want to achieve. Reflection is a time when many people are scared because people are scared to confront themselves. Reflection is an amazing opportunity for people who are going somewhere to learn, to see, to reflect on their personal action and then take responsibility for what they didn’t achieve, what goal that they didn’t achieve that they were setting at the beginning of the week and learn why they didn’t achieve it and discover their ability to achieve their next goal, to get to their next level.

Reflection time. On Friday I love to talk about reflection. So during this week I learned that our friends, they may be our school friends, our high school friends, our college friends, our neighbor friends, but they never experienced what we experience every day. We may be together, but we don’t see things in the same way. So, therefore, they may not understand what we are doing or they may sabotage us because of lack of understanding who they are or who we are. So when you are sharing your ideas, I know we are very excited when we have new ideas, when we have a new plan, a new goal, dreams. We are very excited to share those dreams with our friends. Please remember, your friends, they may remember the old you; they may not remember the new you. Because if you go to networking, if you go to class, if you go to self help programs to nourish you, to unlock the potential inside of you, your friends, they are not with you, so you are leaving your friends behind. You are expanding to another level, you are going to the next level, you are ascending to another dimension. If you are a Christian, if you are a believer, you fast, you pray, you sacrifice, you help people, you are going to the level beyond your level where you were yesterday. So it would be foolish if you bring yourself down to talk to your friends who didn’t experience what you experienced. Because the dimension you are in, the supernatural you have now, is different than the frequency that your friends are vibrating at. That’s why you are not vibrating at the same frequency, that’s why you need to look for other people who are higher than you, who vibrate on a higher frequency so they can pull you up, so they can help you to see, to expand your vision. Other than that, your friends, they are in the old frequency where you used to be. They are not where you are today, so they cannot really help you to get to your next level.

So that’s why it is always, always amazing and wonderful to reflect on what you did, what you didn’t do, why you didn’t do it and take full responsibility to achieve your goal. Because the purpose is yours, the vision is yours; they were given to you, not to your friend. I am reminded of a case in my country when I was a teenager. There was a house that people were building and then my Creator took me to that in the educational spirit. God showed me, my God, my maker, the one who protected my life during the genocide; I’m talking about God who keeps helping me to wake up in the morning; I’m talking about God who keeps giving me new ideas, wisdom, advanced thinking, joy, happiness, peace of mind. I’m talking about my power to be wonderful; I’m talking about my Creator, my maker, my protector, my provider, Almighty God. So when I was a little teenager girl, my God, He showed me a lesson; he showed me the house and then He explained to me. Two people may be best friends and they plan to build this house and then they have everything they want to build; they have money, they have everything, they have the people, they have an engineer, they have everything they need at their disposal. And then they start to build the house. But when the person who has the idea, the vision of building this house, dies, don’t think that his friends, or her friends, they will continue to build the house. No, they will come, they will take the money, they will take the resources and they will do something else because building the house was not their priority, it’s their friend’s priority. So their friend died; so to them they don’t see it as a priority. It’s important, it’s a good idea, it’s beautiful, however it is not their deep in their heart priority or deep in their heart desire. So, therefore, they will take money, they will take resources, they will do what is in their priorities. And then my Creator told me, I was little, I was young, my God told me, “Your dream, your burning desire of helping orphans, if you don’t do it, don’t think that your friends will do it on your behalf. Don’t even assume, don’t expect that somebody else will do it. If you don’t do it, forget about it. Nobody else will do it because it is your personal priority to help orphans. It’s yours; don’t think that your friends will do the same thing that you wanted to do because they are your friends. Yes, they are your friends, but they have their own priorities. As your priority is to help orphans, your best friends, your colleagues, your classmates, they have their own priorities. So if you don’t do it, know that they may do something else. Even if you are together on a team, you plan to do it because the vision is yours. What is vision? It is the ability to see what other people cannot see. Vision is yours. If for some reason you don’t do it, if for some reason you die without doing it, don’t think, don’t even assume that your friends will fulfill your hearts desire. No. they will do their own.” I got that. I said God, thank you. It is clear I am the one who has to take responsibility to help orphans.

To God be the glory, that my Creator helped me to do so. So that’s why in this reflection, I am reminded how some of the people around me, my friends, sometimes they look like they are betraying me because they don’t see what I see; they have their own priorities. Sometimes they even confront me, telling me that I should shut down my charitable work because according to them, they see it as a wasting of my time. According to them, they see it as a waste of my energy. According to them, they see my charitable work, my humanitarian work as a waste of my money. But I don’t see that. To me I see it as my investment; I see it as a way to give thanks to my Creator; I see it as my way to do good and also as a way to appreciate the fact that God protected my life and then I see it as my way to honor and fulfill my promise to my Creator. Because when I was jumping over the bodies of the people during the genocide in Rwanda, I had no idea that I was going to survive. I committed a vow to God. People were being killed on my left side, on my right side. There was a time when I jumped over the bodies of the people, so I thought I escaped the killers, the shooters and then you meet the ones with machetes to cut your neck. This is what happened when my killer picked me up from among the refugees. They say she is a Tutsi, we have to kill her; we have to cut her neck. They put machetes on my neck; they were ready to cut it. The said she is too beautiful to be a Hutu, she is a Tutsi; we have to kill her. They wanted to kill me because they said I am too beautiful. I never asked God to create me, to give me what people call beauty. I was born, I came here, I found out that the people who look like me, you call them beautiful. But to kill me because I am beautiful? It’s horrible; it’s a crime against humanity; it’s evil. Evil! “Kill her, she is so beautiful to be a Hutu, she is a Tutsi; we have to kill her.” I remember that time I was with my mom and my mother, she showed them my ID card. For some reason she had an ID card on which it was written that I am Hutu. They said no; they pushed my mother aside. They pushed her and I never got a chance to ask my mom how she felt when they pushed her. They told my mother, my biological mother, my friend, my best friend, they told her she is not your daughter. It seems like her entire family was killed and you are pretending to be her mother. My mother! My mother who gave me birth, who carried me in her womb for nine months. I remember when we were running with my mom, she was holding my hand because I was too skinny. People who knew me they knew that I was very, very skinny, very tall, very beautiful. They pushed my mother. She showed them the ID card, she said, “No, she is my daughter! She is my daughter! She is not a Tutsi, she is my daughter, do not kill her!”

For people who do not know what a Hutu means and what a Tutsi means, this is a classification of people in my country. We all speak the same language; we all eat the same food; we all have the same culture, everything is the same. Only because your nose is big or your nose is wide and small, if you are beautiful, if you are tall, if you are skinny, they categorize you as a Tutsi person. If you are big and you have muscles, if you have big nose, they categorize you as a Hutu. This is characteristics which were introduced to my people by our colonial master, the Belgians, when they were doing measurements of the nose. So, they were following those characteristics that our colonial master left behind. Genocide is a legacy of our colonial Belgian masters because they are the ones who established this nonsense, this evil, so horrible.

So my killers, they pushed my mother and said she is too beautiful to be a Hutu; she is a Tutsi, we have to kill her. Then a miracle happened. Usually when they pick you up, when the killers with machetes, armed with hate, anger, jealousy, evil, when they pick you up everybody keeps moving because during the genocide in Rwanda, if anybody insists and tries to protect you, they try to snatch you away from the killer, they too get killed. The Hutu power in their harmful way, the militia, they are horrible, evil, full of anger. They didn’t care even if you have told them that you are Hutu trying to protect a Tutsi, you get killed. Yes, they were killing everybody who was standing in their way. So that’s why when we are going to a checkpoint, if the killers take you and say you are a Tutsi, everybody keeps moving because they didn’t want to put themselves in a situation where they have to be killed as well. Everybody was afraid, including even the Hutu people. Those who had the Hutu ID, they were afraid just in case somebody may say you are lying, you are not a Hutu. You will get killed if nobody is there to protect you. If there are no family members to say no, no, this is my son, you will get killed right there. Or if somebody said you are a Tutsi who changed your ID card to be a Hutu, you get killed right there. Genocide is horrible. I don’t want anyone to experience what I experienced. No, it is horrible. Even the people you went to school with, your colleagues, your friends, they change overnight. They look at you like you are not a human being like them, they look at you like you came from another planet. Horrible, horrible evil; it’s a hell. Talk about hell, yes, during the genocide my country was in hell. In my Rwandan country evil was everywhere; evil was in my people.

So, a miracle happened. My killers, with the machetes on my neck, they said we are going to kill her. And just then masses of people, refugees, a massive movement from across the entire country, growing, they didn’t know where we were going; they surrounded me, all of them. I was inside a huge circle. And then the massive group, some of them they had guns, they told my killers, “She is a Hutu girl, she is so beautiful, the only beautiful Hutu girl we have in our tribe. She is the only beautiful girl we have. You kill her, we kill you. As a matter of fact, we are going to shoot you”. They started to insult them, to say to them, “You idiots, we are going to kill you before you kill her. She is beautiful and she is a Hutu”. So because the masses of people, some of them were coming from south and in the south, the people in the south, they are tall, they are beautiful. Even Hutus there in the south, Butare, Gitarama, they are all mixed, they look beautiful. So they were convinced that I may just be a Hutu who just looked like a Tutsi. I may just be a Hutu who is beautiful, a girl who is beautiful. So because they and their relatives, they had people who are beautiful but who are Hutu, so who was being killed in the genocide in Rwanda? That’s why they were upset. So they told my killer, “Stupid Hutu, you think we don’t have beautiful girl in our tribe? She is beautiful. If you kill her, we kill you. As a matter of fact, we are going to kill you guys before we keep moving. You killed many people, everybody who doesn’t look like you, you kill; everybody who is taller than you, you kill them. You think that you are the only pure Hutu we have in our country. You mess up all the country so they become upset and then you bring up wrong”. Let me tell you, when my Creator is going to heal you, when God is going to rescue you, when God is going to snatch your life from your killer, God will use anything. Everything is possible with my Creator. My Creator will use anything, anything. So, my God made them start to fight among themselves. My God, my maker performed miracles. So, the Hutus who had the guns, from south, were convinced that I may just look like a Tutsi but I am a Hutu who is beautiful. They told my killers, “You guys you kill because you had a long, long, long hate among them”. Because our former president, Habyarimana, killed, made a coup d’etat. He is a Hutu who killed another Hutu from south. He was a Hutu from the north who had a coup d’etat to kill a Hutu from the south. So they had that anger, bitterness for a long time. So they told my killers, “You are stupid. We are going to kill you. You killed our president a long time ago. Now you are going to kill this person? No! We cannot allow it”. They took it as their personal issue. I didn’t know these people who were just moving to a refugee camp. But that is how miracles happen, how God performs miracles.

So, they backed up, they got up their guns and were ready to shoot. You may wonder what I was thinking in my mind, like I described last night in our screenwriting, in my mind I was saying this is it. Because in my mind, I saw them push my mother, I saw it. I saw that I was in the middle of Hutu killers with machetes and they are convinced to kill me. Yes, I see the group of other Hutus who are armed with guns, who are telling my killers, you kill her, we kill you. We are going to shoot you before you kill her. So in my mind I was like, this is it, I am dying. I was asking myself should I open my eyes and look at everyone who is going to kill me, see who was going to cut my neck? Should I close my eyes and wait until they cut it? That’s all, that’s what was going on in my mind. My concern was should I close my eyes and wait until they cut my neck or should I open them to see who is going to cut it. Because I thought this is it, this is it. How am I going to escape these people? This is it. But the covenant keeping God, my Creator, who I promised a few days before that if he protected my life, I will help orphans, He was there. He was there. My God is a promise keeper, no matter what. He is a covenant keeping God. We human beings may forget, but God doesn’t forget. That time I told myself this is it. I even forgot the promise that I promised to God. I was thinking I am dying and I was a teenager, around 14 years old;14 or 15. A teenager, beautiful tall girl skinny, too skinny, thinking this is it, I am dying. Then God’s miracle occurred. Thank you. Then God used those strangers. They told my killers, “You guys, we are going to shoot you before you kill her. We will not even wait for you to kill her, we’re going to shoot you.” So they backed up. They knocked the guns, ready to shoot, and then my killers were afraid. They thought yes, we can kill her, but we are going to die too? So they were afraid for their lives. They said, “Let her go. Let her go! Go, go, go, go, go! She will meet other people who will kill her. Let her go because they were afraid that we will kill her, but we too are going to die. People love their lives. So, God performed miracles for me to be alive today.

There were many miracles God performed in my life. When I have time I will share with you and by God’s grace I will be able, He will give me help and courage to write my story of how I escaped, how He protected my life. It’s painful; it’s horrible; it’s unbelievable. That’s why when I dance, I dance like a winner, man. That’s why when I contribute; I go the extra miles, because I was not supposed to be alive today. That’s why when I help orphans I go deep, I go deeper, because I am not supposed to be here. I am alive, that’s why I am unstoppable, because I know who has my back, my Creator, my maker. So I survived. One day I saw this book, I saw my picture in one of the books which was published by an American humanitarian worker. And then I recognize my face and I said this is me. Then the sister who had that book, she told me that she can connect me to the publisher, to the guy who published that book because that guy said that I am no longer alive. I told him I am alive! Because this guy said, no, she was a teacher, but in the refugee camp where she was living, everybody died. There is no way that she is still alive. Then we spoke. I told the guy I am alive. Not only am I alive, I created an organization to help orphans. Not only that, now I am in America because of God’s miracles. God performs miracles from glory to glory to glory to glory, from one miracle to another miracle.

One of the reasons that I share my story, my testimony is to encourage you, is to inspire you, is to lift your spirit up, is to remind you that whatever challenge or difficulty you go through, my Creator has got your back. So believe, you all know that our God is a miracle worker, is a co-maker, is a provider. Yes, I survived and then when we arrived in a refugee camp, my mom was killed there. She was killed. Mom, I love you so much; I know you are listening to me. Your soul rest in peace, I love you. You saved my life, you protected my life, you sacrificed your life for me to be alive today. Thank you mom, I am grateful to you. Thank you, mother. Thank you God for protecting me; for choosing my mother to be my lovely, wonderful mother. I am forever thankful.

So, reflection. When I was in high school, second year because genocide happened when I was in high school, second year; when I was about 14 or 15 years old. In high school, thank you, Enrique, God bless you; in high school, thank God for this beauty. Yes, Enrique said, “You are so sweet, you are so beautiful.” I am grateful, I am grateful. Thank God. He said, please forgive me for laughing. I said why? Enrique, God bless you, god bless you. So in high school, when I was in high school a few months before the genocide started in my country, I remember my classmate, my high school classmate. He came to me and he said, while I was at the blackboard because I loved math, I told you I love math. I love math. I was in the mathematics and I got a scholarship to study math. Because I am good in math and I love mathematics, my dream before the genocide was to get a PhD. in math because I am intelligent, I am smart. Yes, I get wisdom from my Creator. So I was thinking that I will get a PhD. in math and then I will invent something that students will study, will learn about. Eventually, like we studied the invention of the pyramids and Pythagoras, I was saying that I will invent something which students will study about, for them to learn about. We will say it is the invention of Dr. Marie Claudine Mukamabano.

I am so grateful that we created, that God helped me to create WhyDoIExist?. Now, Marie Claudine Mukamabano, the founder of [other language 32:50]. Marie Claudine Mukamabano, the founder of WhyDoIExist?.org. Marie Claudine Mukamabano, the founder of Miss Global Peace, Dr. Marie Claudine Mukamabano, the creator of Bank for the Orphans. To God be the glory. Only God is the one who helps us achieve the height of excellence. I’m grateful; I am so thankful to my Creator. To God be the glory.

So, reflection.  Let me see what Eric says and what the people are saying. [other language? 33:34]. Wow! Look at this! He is talking about how he remembers me in the youth prayer group in our church in the city where I was born. When I was young, I grew up in the city so I belonged to the young prayer group where we used to pray and dance for Jesus, to sing for Jesus. He is saying that I used to make them laugh because I was full of joy. God bless you.

[other language 34:08].

So, reflection. Reflection. In high school, second year of high school, a few months before the genocide started, [other language 35:25] Yes, God can use anything. So we thank God for everything, for our life, for our beauty, for our creativity, for everything we contribute to the building of God’s kingdom, because it is God who gives us those skills, those gifts, that beauty, everything that God gives us so we can use it to glorify His name. I am grateful for my beauty, I’m grateful for my joy, my sense of humor; I’m grateful for my creativity; I’m grateful for who I am. So, I can contribute. To God be the glory. Hallelujah, Amen, thank you Jesus.

So, reflection. In high school, I was at the blackboard writing something, and my classmate in the second year of high school came, he told me “You have a long neck”. It’s true, I have a long neck. He said, “You have long neck like a giraffe we will have to cut it”. My classmate, a white teenager, a white teenager, my classmate, John Cammaroti, God bless you too, be blessed my brother. I love you, you and your beautiful wife. God bless you and your whole family; God bless you. So my classmate told me, “You have long neck like a giraffe, we have to cut it; we will cut it. Can you imagine your teenage classmate telling me that I have a long neck, in the class room. Talk about bullying, talk about intimidation, talk about terrorizing you. In the class! We are in school studying. He is telling me that my neck is long in front of all the students. I went to erase the blackboard, you know when the professor tells you to clean the blackboard because you are tall. You are the one who can reach far. Then while I am there, my classmate comes in front of everybody telling me that you have a long neck, we will have to cut it. I looked at him, I said, “Are you out of your mind? Look at you, why are you going to cut my neck?” But he knew what he was saying, because a few months after, the Hutus picked up machetes to kill the Tutsis. Yes, to cut their necks; yes, my killers put machetes on my neck, they wanted to cut it. They said that I am so beautiful to be a Hutu, I am Tutsi so they have to kill me. I am grateful that I am alive. I am thankful to God that I am here, that I am still alive. I exist! That is why I created my organization, Why Do I Exist? [other language 39:02] For praising my Creator. [other language 39:07] Why do you exist? What is your purpose? Why are you here? Why are you listening to me right now? Why you? So take your responsibility; take your power back. Don’t complain about why you exist. Praise the Lord that you exist. And then together, let’s join our efforts together to praise God. Worship our Creator and then fulfill our God’s purpose, our God’s promise. And remember your mission, your vision, your goal is way, way, way far from your friend’s. It’s you who has to fulfill it. You will need people to help you but don’t allow them to put you down, don’t allow them to sabotage your progress because everything is in your hands. If you need to step outside your comfort zone, step outside. Don’t allow your friends to sabotage your progress.

This is your sister in peace and prosperity, Dr. Marie Claudine Mukamabano, the Miss Global Peace, who is reminding you that you are powerful; just go for it. Don’t blame, don’t complain, take responsibility. [other language 41:14] Forgive, forgive quickly and then keep moving because when you forgive, God will accelerate you, will progress you. Forgiveness, your ability to forgive will let you step far away from your challenges. Do it and you will see, because forgiveness is an expression of God’s beauty. Forgiveness is the language for people who don’t understand. Forgiveness, kindness, compassion, gentleness, peace, all those languages are a supernatural language. Supernatural language is the language that some people don’t understand. So you want to excel, you want to succeed, you want to achieve your high level of excellence? Forgive; and forgive quickly. Don’t even think about it. Forgive fast and keep moving and go to your next level. Move out of your comfort zone,; move on to your next level so you can achieve and accelerate to your high level of excellence. I published the book, The Power of Social Media. Why? Because I stepped into my power. Why? Because I didn’t complain, I took responsibility and then I asked God to help me. Your friends are struggling to figure out what they need to do in their lives. So what do you expect from them? The same way that you are struggling is the same way that they are struggling. So keep moving forward. The best is yet to come! The best is yet to come! The best is yet to come! Come along. They say keep inspired and hold on to your Creator. [other language 43:20] Praise be to God, Hallelujah! He is a promise keeper. He is a covenant keeper. Keep moving forward. Don’t give up, don’t give in. Don’t look around at what your friends are doing. No, no, no, it is not your business. Mind your business. I love how Americans always say “mind your business”. And you, mind your business and mind your purpose and keep moving despite who supports you, despite who refuses to support you, despite who stomps on your back, who creates a way to sabotage you, despite your friends who don’t understand you. Keep moving, because the victory is yours. I love you. Check out our website, and come on board; join us while we are going to our next level. Come on board, we need you, we need your skills. We need to remind you that you are powerful so you can contribute. We need to remind you of your strength so you can achieve your high level of excellence because we overcome to inspire you. We share our stories to remind you that you too can overcome whatever you are going through. We share our stories to inspire you. We share our stories to lift you up. I am a survivor of genocide in Rwanda who refused to be a victim, but victorious. Why? Because I know where I came from. Why? Because I know my Creator who helps me to overcome. It would be foolish if I were to complain because I know where God took me from. It will be ridiculous if I live my life whining, complaining. It will be horrible if I don’t become so joyful to the extreme. It will be crazy if I am not happy for who I am. It will be ridiculous if I am not thankful, I am not grateful that I wake up every day. It would be unbelievable. I don’t even know how I can say it; I will be bitter at my Creator if I don’t thank God every single day. It will be nonsense if I don’t help orphans because that is a promise that I promised to my Creator. My God is a covenant keeping God. When you promise, when you open your mouth or when you use your mind to talk to your God you know that God is listening to you. Be ready to receive. I love you. And then prepare yourself for when opportunity comes, don’t miss it. Enjoy your day.

Reflection, Face Book Live Video, Lectured by Honorable Dr. Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO, Ph.D. in Humanities & Transcribed by Miss Kathlen in New York City, USA
Reflection last Friday of JULY
Reflection. Reflection. When I was thinking about the message that I need to share with you today,
Friday, I heard a voice telling me the word Reflection. Reflection.
My dear brothers and sisters in peace
and prosperity, God bless you. Reflection. This is your sister in peace and prosperity, Dr. Marie Claudine
Mukamabano, Miss Global Peace, speaking to you today about reflection. When you look at this week we
just finished, we are about to finish, today is Friday, what do you see? How do you reflect on the actions
you took, the ideas you implemented, the networking you attended, the new relationships you built, the
unforeseen relationships, the follow up you did with people you already knew or already met.
(??????????) When you reflect on what you did over this weekend, how far did you achieve? Did you
maximize it?
Did you maximize your contribution?
Did you maximize your networking?
Did you maximize your relationship building? How are we doing? How are you doing? Reflection. Every time,
every day, when we wake up every we have a plan and we are going to do something. So it is good at the
end of the day to reflect on what we achieved and what we still need to do
; or by the end of the week, to
see if we achieved the goal we set up to achieve during that week. This is going to help us. So, reflection
helps us to figure out where we fell short, what we didn’t do or why we didn’t do what we were supposed
to do, why we did not achieve our height of excellence, which can help us also to correct, to do better next
time, next week. Reflection.
It is in congruence with my book, The Power of Social Media. In number five we talk about celebrating
your achievements. Number five: celebrate. I love to dance; that’s why I celebrate by dancing. However,
to celebrate your achievement you can do, you can buy a postcard to celebrate you. A greeting card only
costs about a dollar and something or two dollars. You can buy coffee if you love to drink coffee; you can
buy chocolate. I love to drink good hot chocolate. You can buy tea, you can buy clothes; you can buy
whatever you want to buy. You can do whatever you want to do in the spirit of celebrating your
achievement because we need to reflect on what we have already done and figure out what works in
success. Success reminds us that we have to figure out what works and do more of that.
Don’t spend too much time fighting with what doesn’t work, which is in other words your weaknesses.
Focus on your strengths and keep doing the best you can. Keep doing what works because what works in
in congruence with your strength, is in congruence with what you know better; and you focus on that.
You will excel, you will speed up your achievement. Instead of fighting your weaknesses, which will
always make you feel horrible, feel bad, feel that you can’t.
Why are you wasting your time; why are you
wasting your energy, why you are wasting your creativity, forgetting who you are? Because when you
focus on your weaknesses
, you forget your power and we know that what we focus on expands.
If you
focus on your weaknesses, you will only see weakness, weakness, weakness.
It’s the same thing when we
focus on negative people, with people who have a negative mindset we keep seeing negativity, negativity.
We attract negativity because your focus is negative. It’s the same thing with your power, with your
ability to create, with your ability to take your life to a level beyond your imagination. When you focus on
weaknesses, you only see what doesn’t work. You only see what’s wrong and then you keep whatever
you focus on. Our mind is powerful. We create our own reality. If you focus on negativity, if you focus on
your pain, on your struggle and your weaknesses, you will only see what is wrong with you. And we all
know that if you only focus on what is wrong with you, there is no way you can get to the next level. No
way! No way!
So, focus on your strengths. When you focus on your strength, you will see strength. You will see the
good things about you; you will appreciate you, you will love yourself because we give what we have.

You LOVE  YOU. You acknowledge your contribution, you acknowledge yourself. You enjoy being you, so
you can appreciate other
, you can acknowledge others.
Because when you have an empty space inside of
your heart it’s not easy for you to recognize other people. This is the challenge for leaders, bosses,
managers, supervisors. Sometimes because they don’t love themselves, they don’t appreciate who you
are, they only see what is wrong in their employees; they only focus on negativity which sabotages their
Don’t create your bad reality; create your good reality. Let me remind you, our mind is
We have consciousness about what we do, what we think about and then we have the sub-
consciousness, the power which pushes us to do things without even thinking about it. Sub-consciousness,
they talk about it and scientific experts say that Sub-consciousness is 97%.
Consciousness is what we do
and we know that what we are doing is little compared to what we automatically do. That's why you will
see when you advise people when they are with you in counseling. I do counseling, I do mentorship, help
many business owners to think differently and also I help orphans. I work with many, many people. So
when we are in a session, people are very excited about what they are going to do and then when they are
outside, they do completely different.
Why? Because their habits have not changed; because there are
automatic forces, powerful forces which drive them to do things without even thinking, which
biologically and even scientifically we call sub-consciousness. How we get our sub-consciousness is from
the area where we were born, where we grew up, everything which comes into our mind stays there.
That's why the intelligent people remind you to clean your mind system, to clear your body, so you can
think clearly, so you can exercise, you can do new habits, you can inspire yourself to create a new routine,
a new habit.
We have those behaviors, those things we do without even thinking about it and then we say this is who
we are
. No, this is who we created ourselves to become. That means we can also create another way to be.
You created yourself to become that way, You don't know about it; maybe you forgot about it; maybe
nobody ever told you about it. We grow up in our government, we see how everybody behaves and we
want to behave like them. Sometimes we don't even think about it, we just behave like that. And then we
grow up saying this is who I am. No! This is not who you are, this is who you adapted to become, because
you don't know better, because you don't know any other way, you become like that. And then if you
don't meet people who can educate you, that's why education is key, effective education to help you. So if
you don't meet those people who can help you to understand who you are, if you don't study you, you
don't show anybody what you are capable of doing, if you don't study your power, you will end up
repeating the mistakes other people repeated. It may be your loved ones who repeated, maybe your
parents repeated. And then when you see what your parents did, maybe your parents copied their grandpa.
Why? Because they didn’t know better. And then you will say this is who you are. No, this is not who you
are, it is what you adapted to become because you don’t know who you are, because nobody ever told you
who you are. That is  why you have to study yourself, study who you are.
Don’t live the life of your parents, they already lived their lives; live your life.
Who you are is more important. Who are you? Who
do you think you are?
Who are you? You, not your mom, not your dad, not your sister, not your uncle,
not your grandpa, not your relatives, not your loved ones, you. And then when you know who you are,
what is your goal, what do you want to achieve, what do you want t do? Because my creator, I know for
sure, God who created us equipped us with everything we need to become who we want to become with
the gifts, talents and skills that we need to be better.
We all have greatness inside of us. It is a matter of knowing when to unfold that gift you have inside of
you. So in order for you to unfold that gift you have inside of you, you have to be you, because if you
copy, some people they call them copy cats, if you copy other people. I am saying to my brother and
sister Africans, we love to do this so much. You see somebody who did this, you want to do the same
thing. No, do you! Don't do something because you saw another human being do it, unless they are your
role model, that's the difference. Unless, if you want to be like them, if you want to achieve what they
achieved, that is a little different. So be you. You have a gift inside of you; you have talent. You are
destroying your own voice. There are gifts which will unfold if you are in congruence with who you are,
with your mind , with your soul, with your body. In the scripture, I am reminded of the scripture, Paul
said; I want to do good, but evil sabotage me;.
Why? Because sometimes, evil may come from other people
outside, or evil may use your mind to sabotage you. Evil may use your thinking to sabotage you, to
distract you. So in order for you to achieve whatever you want to achieve, you have to have a strong
desire, like Napoleon Hill reminds us in his book, Think and Grow Rich. You need a strong desire, that
burning desire inside of you, in your heart. Not your friends, you. And when you have a burning desire,
your mind focuses on that, your heart focuses on that, your spirit focuses on that. I guarantee you when
you are all together and you are focusing on that, you will achieve it. The challenge that many people face
is that your mind is thinking something, your heart is feeling something else, your spirit is somewhere
else. So how are you going to achieve it? You already have a conflict inside of you. It's not easy to
accelerate your high level of achievement.
Reflection. Today we are reflecting on what we did and what we planned to do this week we are about to

Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO singing at the AFRICAN UNION'S Global Stage in New York City.

My question to you today my dear brothers and sisters is how are you doing? Did you take
initiative; did you achieve what you wanted to achieve? If not, why not? Study yourself, study your
progress, study you. It will help you to do better next week. Don’t blame other people, take responsibility.
Because when we blame other people, it takes our power away. Don’t blame other people, take
responsibility. Even if other people interfere, intervene in sabotaging you, you are the one who gives them
permission. That is how it is. I’m sorry that hurts, but its true. So stop giving people permission to distract
you, to sabotage you. Reflection. God bless you. And in my book, The Power of Social Media, number

I share five quick and easy ways to stand out from the crowd and succeed. Number five is celebrate
your achievement. Celebrate your achievement. So in reflection, we need to celebrate what we achieved.
Celebrate it and tap yourself on the shoulder [pat yourself on the back] and say "we did it!" Because if
you don't acknowledge you, I guarantee you it will take a long time for other people to acknowledge you.
So you have to acknowledge yourself, then you can carry that power, that energy, that beautiful reflection
about what you achieved to your next level. Yes, my book is available to purchase. All the contributions,
the money you pay for my book goes toward helping the cause I care about, goes to helping orphans in
Rwanda. I care about them. I am one of them. I thank God that He protected my life, that I survived; I am
alive; I am here.
After surviving the genocide people used to say to me, "Why are you not crazy?" They were expecting for
me to lose my mind, to start running on the street, but I told them, "No, God protected my mind, God
protected my soul; it is you who wanted me to become crazy". One of my friends used to say to me,
"Listen, man, I do not understand why you are not crazy, because if went through half of the trauma, the
horrible situation that you went through, by now I would become crazy." I told him, "That's you, not me".
And then another day he came to me. You know, people will throw in your way negative, negative, keep
bringing negativity because they want to change and try to influence you. So you have to start to stand
guard at the gate of your ears. Like Jim Lorne reminds us all the time. Jim Lorne is the mentor of Tony
Robbins. He is the one who reminds us every day to stand guard at your ears and your mind, because
people will throw in your way anything they want. They see themselves and they cannot do it so they
think that you should never do it. No, why? We are different; everyone is a unique individual. So if you
discover your purpose while you are young, it will carry you, it will help you. It will help you! I'm telling
you, it will help you. It will help you, it will guide you, it will protect you, your purpose. When I see
everything that we achieved at Why Do I Exist?, the organization that I created back in 2005; I had this
vision, this idea when I was a teenager, to help orphans. When I was jumping over the bodies of the
people during the genocide in Rwanda, I thought I was going to be killed like everybody else. Then I
committed a vow. People were being killed on my right side, on my left side, in front of me. You thought
you escaped and then you meet Hutus with hate, armed with anger, full of evilness, evil, with machetes
ready to cut your neck. They even took me, they put machetes on my neck, they said, "She is too beautiful
to be a Tutsi, she is Hutu; do not kill her. How I survived is a miracle that my Creator performed, an
unbelievable miracle for me to be alive. Even until today, every day God performs miracles for me. So, I
established Why Do I Exist because it is a promise that I promised to God. I said if you are going to help
me, I don't know how I am going to do it but with you everything is possible. At the time, some people
were discouraging me. I didn't allow my friends who didn't think so to sabotage my progress, to sabotage
me or keep me from achieving my goal. I didn't. Now, I teach other people to do what I have already
done. I'm so grateful. To God be the glory!
Reflection. I praise God every single day. So, my dear friends, whatever you are planning to do every
day, every day, because I believe you are a powerful human being, every day you plan what you are going
to do and then I suggest, like my Creator always reminds me, I suggest that every time you reflect on
yourself, you post about what you achieved so you can celebrate your achievement, like I tell you in my
book: celebrate your achievement. That is number five, celebrate your achievement. You reflect on
everything you had to do and it's very, very, very important and very, very advantageous to celebrate your
achievement because when you are celebrating your achievement, you are telling yourself that 'I did it'
and then you are also showing it to other people. You are a witness of your achievement and other people
also can celebrate with you when you post successful pictures on your Facebook. You talk about what
you have achieved. There are people who will click 'like'; they are people who will congratulate you,
celebrate with your achievement. You can read more in my book, The Power of Social Media. Five quick
ways to stand out from the crowd and succeed, by using thee power of social media to position yourself.
It's all about positioning yourself with five quick ways to stand out from the crowd and succeed. Call to
get a copy of my book: 347-465-4045, and also you can share this video. It would be very much
appreciated. God bless you.
So when we see what we already achieved at Why Do I Exist, we give voice to many, many, many
people, not only the survivors of the genocide, the orphans. When I created this Why Do I Exist? project, is my website, my goal, my mission was to heal and to empower Rwandan orphans and
survivors of genocide because I promised God that this is what I would do if God protected my life.
However, I didn't know that American students, courageous students, Japanese students, European
students, diplomats, small business owners; I had no idea that they too would benefit from my work. To
God be the glory! This is me filming, this is me with the camera, filming women at the United Nations
where they were talking about Resolution 1325. They had no idea what they were talking about. I will
talk about this and elaborate more on this in my next videos. Today I am talking about reflection.
Reflection. We give shoes, sneakers to the orphans in Rwanda. One of my fellow Rwandans, he told me
that instead of giving shoes to the Rwandan people, I should give them school supplies. I  told him,
because he said it in a way to put me down, that I was wasting my time, I'm wasting everything because
shoes are not more important than school fees, than school supplies, I told him, "My brother, made a
decision, I thought about it and made a decision that my desire is to give shoes to the orphans, to the
vulnerable children because I know when I was in elementary school, I used to see children who didn't
have shoes to wear. I used to see them being beaten by professors, by teachers and sometimes when we
go to do exercise, like sports, I used to see children who didn't have shoes, who didn't have sneakers, I
used to see them missing points. I used to see them being punished simply by being poor. I used to see
them being punished because they didn't have shoes to wear; they didn't have sport shoes. My family was
rich, I didn't have any problem. And of course you may ask, "How did you notice that?" Because I was
number one in the class; when you are intelligent, you notice everything. You may not say something, but
you notice everything. So that's why I love to give, I love to give shoes, sport shoes, sneakers to the
orphans. Why sneakers? Some of my donors here in America, they ask me why do you give sneakers;
why not other types of shoes? I told them because with sneakers it's easy, the kids they can wear sneakers
when they are going to school, they can wear sneakers when they are going to church, they can wear
sneakers anywhere; but another type of shoes, beautiful shoes, they're good, they're beautiful, but not
practical. Kids cannot wear those shoes everywhere they go. So, it's good to collect sneakers, sport shoes;
the children will be able to wear them all the time, everywhere without being punished because they don't
have sneakers, sport shoes. I told my brother, I told this Rwandan person who made this remark to destroy
me, I told him, "Listen, I give sneakers. You care about giving them school supplies, go ahead. You don't
need to ask my permission; I never asked your permission to give sneakers to the orphans. You can go
ahead, give what you want to give to the orphans, but me, I love to give them sneakers".
So, in reflection my dear friends, do what you love to do, so you can feel fulfilled inside of your heart. I
attended many self help programs. The number one issue people face is lack of fulfillment. Why?
Because most of the people, they do things they don't like to do; they do things because somebody
obligated them to do it. They don't do what they love to do. One of the reasons I am always happy is that I
am highly energetic and powerful. Even though sometimes I am quiet, I show my power. However, one
of the reasons that I am powerful is because I love to do what I love to do. Every time my Creator gives
me an idea, despite whatever challenge I will face, I will do it. I do it. Why? Because it is what I love.
Somebody said if you do what you love, it is no longer a job, it is like a hobby because you do what you
Shout out to my brother, manager of Kenya Airways, manager in America, who purchased a copy of my
book, The Power of Social Media. He is very excited, he is like wow! He told me he is going to share this
book with his friends, with his colleagues at Kenya Airways, so they can read it. I remember the first time
I met him, the moment I told him I published my book he said, "Can you tell me two or three things you
can do to position yourself on Facebook?" I told him, of course, the things I share in my book, the five
ways. One: find your voice. Speak like you. Number two: share pictures, and when you share pictures,
you have to write a comment, tell why did you share this picture, what is it about. I share everything in
my book. Number three, become your own reporters. Number four: always, always look for partners and
collaborators. Number five: celebrate your achievements. Everything is in my book.
So, in reflection. This week I met powerful Japanese man, Japanese Ambassador and powerful brother
from Sierra Leone, an African brother who lives in Sweden. This is Miss Global Peace expressing my
gratitude to the Japanese Ambassador because Japan's people, they donated shoes, collected shoes, over
225 pair of shoes, brand new. They collected money, they raised money in Japan and bought shoes and
sent shoes to Rwanda. All I did was to connect them to my team in Kigali; they did it. Some of the people
here, they want to do fundraising for me, but they complicate the situation. So, here the Japanese people
never complicated anything. they only asked me give us please, connect us with your team in Kigali and
give us the address where we can ship the shoes and they did everything. They didn't ask me for letters, or
to create a website for them, to come up with good English to write, They didn't complicate it. This is
how you know that you are working with successful mindset people. They are people who have the
abundance mindset. There also are people who have a conflict mindset; they have a conflict inside of
them. They always look at what is not working, what is wrong. If you focus on what is right, you focus on
your positivity, you cannot, your mind will never tolerate everybody who focuses on negativity.
So, work with the people who believe in what you believe in, who support you people who don't show
excuses. Because people who show excuses, they will sabotage you. And then in everything you do,
remember, everything works for your good. God's intention is to help you prosper.
Song: All things are working for my good
It is intentional, never failing
I know that all things are working for my good, yeah
It is intentional, never failing
I don’t have to worry if its working for me, yeah
Its working for me, yeah
I believe its  working for me
Through the hurt and the pain, I know it’s working