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Kuki Ndiho partners with community organizations, schools of all levels, religious and cultural institutions to gather, collect and ship much-needed clothing items to its orphans in Rwanda. Please write us if interested in learning more at Please include photos of yourself or your family to include with the individual clothing items so that we can thank you on our web site and so those to who receive the items will also know. snd

Annual Sneaker Drive

Seventh and eighth grader at the Christian Formation Student at St. Vincent Martyr Catholic Church in MADISON, NEW JERSEY are holding a sneaker drive for Rwandan Orphans through the holiday season. They will be collecting new or gently used sneakers in all sizes now. Please contact teacher Henry Page at EMAIL HERE


August 2019
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Love Above All by MISS GLOBAL PEACE & Dr.Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO, Genocide Survivor

Love Above All

When you love yourself, when you care, when you know who you are, that love helps you to accelerate your success. That deep love for yourself inspires you to love others. Love above all. When you love you and you love another human being you don’t harm another person because the love, the power of love will remind you that another human being is just like you. When you love deeply, you forgive quickly because you feel sympathy, you feel compassion you feel gentle generosity, mercy. You are kind to another human being. Love above all. Love guides you to help another human being. Love forces you to promote peace. Love above all. Because when you love deeply, you care. You care for yourself and then you care for your neighbor and then you care for your colleagues and then you care for everybody around you, because you have that love deep inside of you. Love above all. Love, unconditional love, that love, my Creator showed us when he created us. The typical good example we can show to try to understand the love of our God, even though it’s not really as powerful as the love that God has for us, what we can try to compare to that love is the love of a mother to her baby, her born child. Your mother will do everything. Your mom will go through the fire just to protect you as her child. The way our mom loves us, our mothers care, sacrifice their lives, sacrifice everything for us, for their babies, for their children.

So the love of our Creator is beyond the love of our mothers. So when you understand that, when you feel it, not only to understand it logically in your mind, when you feel it also in your heart, you feel it in your body, you allow that love to guide you. You allow that love to show you the way. Nothing will stop you; nothing will shake you because that love in you is burning to help you, to carry you through toward achieving your dreams, toward taking you to your next level, toward penetrating, going through having a lot of breakthroughs in your life, in your business. Because love is a powerful weapon you carry, you allow it to guide you, you can use to have many breakthroughs. Love is love. Love is a bright and powerful light to carry you, to open up many doors. Love above all.

When you are full of love, people may misunderstand you because they don’t have love, because they don’t understand love. It’s okay, you will forgive them and you will keep moving. When you are full of love, you love yourself. Whatever negativity people will throw in your way, they will never destroy you. They may try, but your love will conquer, will overpower, will overcome everything. Then we will celebrate you are a champion of love. Love above all. Love will inform you, will inspire you to give so you can be free, so you can be joyful in your heart. Love will clean out garbage inside of your heart, your mind. Love will take away that negative thought, that self doubt, that fear. Love will open up many doors for you to meet with people who have love, who are full of love like you. So they will help you to accelerate, to fulfill your life’s purpose. I love you. God bless you. Have a beautiful, fruitful, amazing, wonderful day. Love above all.

This is your sister in peace and prosperity, Dr. Marie Claudine Mukamabano, who is reminding you to love yourself, because we give what we have. If you can manage to love deeply yourself, you will be able to love your neighbor; you will be able to love everybody around you. Start by loving you, carrying care about you, enjoying you because we give what we have. In Peter, Peter reminds us to love one another deeply because when we love one another, we don’t envy each other; we celebrate each other, we appreciate each other, we collaborate, we support each other because we love one another. When you love somebody, you don’t envy that person. If you envy that person that means that the love is not true love. Because my Creator loves us, He never envies us. The way He created us is to fulfill His purpose which is our life mission on earth. Our Creator loves us beyond your imagination. Do you see what He said? The highest quality of humanity, Ashe. My teacher sister. Thank you, my sister. Thank you my dear sister, you said it right, exactly. Love! Love, love, love, love! When we love each other, when we first love ourselves, sometimes parents don’t give to their children the love because they think the fact that their parents, which are the grandparents of those kids, the grandpa, didn’t give them love and joy. Because of that they misbehave to their children. No, you are paying back, you are doing revenge. Forgive your parents and discover the love inside of you, because maybe your parents didn’t get the love that they deserved.

You are talking to me, Dr. Marie Claudine Mukamabano. I have a PhD. in humanities. I survived the genocide in Rwanda. My parents were killed, my grandpa, my uncle, my auntie, my older sister. They ripped their hearts and then they cut it out with machetes. I am speaking to you from the bottom of my heart, through my own experience. I am reminding you that you have the power inside of you. You, you if you can hear my voice, you have the power to create love, to rebuild, to rejuvenate, to create who you want to become. You can do it too if I managed to do it after surviving genocide as a teenager when I was broken. If my Creator helped me to go inside of me, to discover the powerful forces of love and to be able to transmit that love to many, many people around the world, starting with the orphans in Rwanda which was my mission and my purpose and the promise that I made to God during the genocide that if He would protect me and help me to survive that I would help orphans. If my Creator helped me to do this, of course, absolutely, no doubt, God, Your Creator will help you to do even more than what I have already done. Visit my website and inspire yourself:

Love above all. I love you; love yourself too.

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