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Kuki Ndiho partners with community organizations, schools of all levels, religious and cultural institutions to gather, collect and ship much-needed clothing items to its orphans in Rwanda. Please write us if interested in learning more at Please include photos of yourself or your family to include with the individual clothing items so that we can thank you on our web site and so those to who receive the items will also know. snd

Annual Sneaker Drive

Seventh and eighth grader at the Christian Formation Student at St. Vincent Martyr Catholic Church in MADISON, NEW JERSEY are holding a sneaker drive for Rwandan Orphans through the holiday season. They will be collecting new or gently used sneakers in all sizes now. Please contact teacher Henry Page at EMAIL HERE


September 2017
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Dear Mama!

Allow me to praise and lift up my mother

Thanks be to you for bringing me in this world

May God’s grace be upon your soul forever!

Without your steadfast love I was unknown forever ever.

I remember many children who never reach this world

I remember those who disappear while they are still unborn

I remember those who disappear upon they arrival to this world

But yet you didn’t wish that dear mother

No matter how much pain I brought to you while still in your womb

You kept me and you stood child-birth pain

You raised me and cared for me till I was grown

That love is what I want to sing to the world

To tell this lovely story to the live and dead

To tell those who know you and those who never heard about you

Because it is you who made me who I am

Thanks dear mother for bearing such pain

And for loving me such much!

It was for your choice that I live today

Many young ones have lost this privilege

Many examples can be seen in our world today

There are even those who never knew their origins

Simple because they were not lucky enough

To have a mother who could handle the hardship

To bear such pain they could not take

But you mother you are special

You took it all and you gave me life

I thank you so for a job well done

Dear mother I love you very much

Because I remember all you went through

I can’t ever count them because they are so many

But you stood like strong like a worrier against them

You spent many sleepless nights for the sake of me

And when I was born you worked days and nights

Fighting for my well being and my best future

There is nothing hard like being a single mother

School fees and food on table

All alone but you never gave up.

Oh!! Mother, I bless you so!!!

I remember you on our way into the exiles

I remember you trying to keep your eyes on me

I remember you calling my name saying

“Mabano, stay closer to me; let me hold your hand!”

I could see how much your were worried about me

Your steadfast love could not let me go away from you

Not even when it could coast your own life

Yes mother I know you loved every one

But this I am sure you loved me the best

Though I was not lucky to have you forever

Though my Lord took you away from me

I am very sure there was for a reason

An explanation that I will soon know

But still you went when I mostly needed you

Look me now I am an orphan

Oh dear mother, now I remember

I remember those days when I was a little girl

I remember those small dresses you used to make for me

Those lovely colors that match your own dress

I remember those little steps I took next to you

Mostly Sunday morning on our way to church

I remember you teaching me how to sing and pray

That lovely discipline I promise to keep

You taught me ways of love without boundaries

I thank you for that especially during these days

You taught me to work and to stay strong

You gave me many examples about the meaning of life

Don’t you worry dear mother, I will accomplish your task

I know for sure that Our Lord is by your side

As you put me in God’s hands every day,

I never left Him or ever forget Him

He is my Lord and I am her servant

Dear mother, come closer; let me tell you a story

Right now I am in USA, far way from home

Your hard-work for my best education has been paid off

I have been chosen among six hundred Artists from all over the world

To be honored as a first Artist from Rwanda and East Africa

To represent our culture to the West nations

For this pride I give you a credit dear mother

Without forgetting God who blessed us both!

Mama, it’s been two months since I came to America

When I speak English people become surprised

They don’t know you used to send me for evening classes

They ask me “How can you speak English in two months?”

“My mother in Rwanda paid for my English lesson classes”

I tell them how much you loved me

How I used to make you proud, every time receiving a first report form in class

How you felt proud to speak my name among other mothers

And that’s why I will speak your name among the nations.

My heavenly Father, ever blessing God

Bless my mother with many blessings

Bless my father too with many blessings

Blessed every one who raised me

Bless the most, the souls of those who left this world

Let their souls find a resting place in your heavenly kingdom!

I am well and strong

All I ask from my fellow young-stars

Is to make our parents proud

My birth-day I bless you

My baptism day I bless you

My heavenly father I thank you

I praise and glorify you all the time

And I will always invite your Holy Spirit

To guide me always toward good work!


Copy Rights
Marie Claudine Mukamabano.

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